6 Weeks and Bleeding

This last week has been an emotional rollercoaster. On Sunday evening I noticed spots of blood after going to the loo. I tried to think nothing of it. I’d done the obligatory google search and new that there was every chance it was simply breakthrough bleeding and not anything more sinister. Whilst the bleeding largely remained as spotting, now and then there were larger smears when wiping. No matter how much my partner tried to reassure me with facts and figures I couldn’t help but the let the panic well up inside me.

In the end I phoned 111 who arranged for us to have an early scan at the Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) on the Friday once I was six weeks. Those five days were hell. Whilst the bleeding was intermittent, it was still there and I found myself unable to relax and switch off the negative thoughts. Friday morning came and whilst my partner sat beside me reminding me that it was positive I was still experiencing constant sickness, I couldn’t pay attention, I simply counted down the minutes until the scan.

As I was only 6 weeks gestation the ultrasound had to be carried out internally. The sonographer was lovely and kept us calm and reassured throughout as she talked through each part of the producer. Seeing our little bean’s heartbeat on the screen was an emotional moment, I couldn’t quite believe it was still there. It’s a moment I’ll always treasure. The cause of the bleeding couldn’t been seen but at least this provided reassurance nothing sinister was going on.

I’d like to say this experience means I would panic less if this was to ever happen again, however I’m the type of person who panics very easily; I’m sure I’d be just as worked up if it was to happen again.20160923_091513_zpsoyzn9t86


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