High Risk Pregnancy

Right from the start of my pregnancy I knew that I would be classed as High Risk. Before developing my movement disorder and seizures in 2012 I had commenced a degree in Midwifery and had just completed the first year when I became ill. During my community and labour ward placements I had met many women with varying health conditions who had consequently been classed as high risk patients. Whilst the term may sound a tad doom and gloom it didn’t really impact me. In fact, because it completely met my expectations I was able to focus more on how to explain to the professionals in charge of my maternity care my other health concerns.

Pregnancy wise I am completely healthy and normal, sure I started it overweight but my pregnancy has been progressing exactly as would be expected. I cannot express enough the joy I experience being told I’m normal. It’s not a phrase I’m used to being applied to me. Normally Drs stand around me with a confused look on their faces as I seem to fit into none of their tightly defined boxes, so I get bounced around from one specialist to the next, until someone has a lightbulb moment.


credit: Doctorsconcierge.org

After my booking in appointment I was refered to my local hospitals high risk specialist maternity unit. This appointment was a vital chance for me to talk through my care and the potential complications my health conditions could have on my pregnancy and labour. Primarily I was concerned with pain relief during labour. I am unable to have an epidural due to my movement disorder and the fact that I do not respond to local anesthetics. Whilst this fact is not a huge problem, it does cause me concern as my seizure are pain triggered, so managing my pain levels will play a key part in my labour. This conversation has set my mind at eased as a referral has been made for me to see the anesthetist around the 30-week mark to put a plan of action in place.

Whilst many women find being classed as High Risk daunting, and I can understand why, I have found reassurance in the quality of care I have received from the specialist teams. If anything it has reduced my pregnancy concerns dramatically.