12 Week Scan

Our 12 week scan was a bundle of emotions. I’m a natural worrier and each month I’ve had spotting around the time my period would have been due. As we sat in the waiting room I couldn’t help but anxiously fiddle with the corner of my maternity notes whilst my partner reassured me that everything was fine. He showed no hints of any nerves as he took my constant vomiting as a sign that all was well.

The first thing we saw was our babys eye sockets, he/she was looking straight out which gave us all a good laugh. Watching our baby somersault and stretch was a moment i’ll always treasure. I could not help but laugh as the sonographer repeatedly had to remeasure our baby due to stretching over and over. Seeing it there on the screen made the pregnancy finally feel real to me, and all of a sudden the constant vomiting seems worth it.

We are finding out the gender on the 11th December so fingers crossed baby behaves this time. I’d love to hear you thoughts on what we’re having, team blue or team pink?




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