Morning Sickness? Try 24/7 Sickness

At the start of my pregnancy I spent day after day at my Doctors trying varying types of anti sickness tablets and injections. Nothing really seemed to touch it. In fact the pills I tried made me worse as they were coated in lactose which I am severely intolerant too. On average I was being sick 30 times a day, the Doctors quickly diagnosed me with mild Hyperemesis Gravidarum and debated admitting me to my local maternity unit.

The diagnosis didn’t surprise me, my mother had suffered with Hyperemesis in all four of her pregnancies; each time having to spend a fair length of time in hospital. I refused being admitted, and compromised with daily phone calls and visits to my GP to make sure I was as healthy as possible. Day to day life was hard, I struggled to find a position that took the edge of the vomiting, even the thought of food made me violently sick. In the end my partner was having to eat in a separate room to me as I could not cope with the smell.3553f35e3f1a2d550879161dd7bbcf83

Now at 17 weeks the sickness has eased off significantly. I’m still nauseous constantly but I’m no longer spending the majority of my days with my head down the toilet. I knew from the start that morning sickness could occur at any point, but I had deluded myself into thinking that it would magically disappear in the second trimester. When this didn’t happen I was crushed, when people commented on my ‘glow’ I struggled not to snap and inform them it was simply sweat from vomiting. Now that the sickness is starting to disappear I’m sure those closest to me are breathing a sigh of relief.