It’s positive!

Sitting at the kitchen counter I was chatting with my partner wolfing down my dinner, my plate loaded with twice the amount I would normally eat. In frustration, I placed my fork down and excused myself for the umpteenth as I needed the loo again. “Anyone would think you were pregnant” my partner quipped. I laughed it off and told him to stop being silly. However, as dinner went on and nausea hit me for the fourth night in a row I couldn’t help but entertain the possibility that perhaps he was right.

The prospect was entirely plausible, due to my host of conditions I am unable to use the majority of contraceptive options available as they have a negative impact on my body. Due to this we rely solely on condoms. I knew there had been one incident that month where the condom had not held up, however I never thought to act on this. And now here I sat, alternating between running to the loo due to the urge to be sick and to pee.

The following morning I nervously headed into to town to buy a Clear Blue and a First Response pregnancy test. Sure, enough there were those two lines. Whilst this pregnancy is a surprise, and I have no idea how it may impact my health, we are looking forward to meeting our little bundle of joy in 2017.