12 Week Scan

Our 12 week scan was a bundle of emotions. I’m a natural worrier and each month I’ve had spotting around the time my period would have been due. As we sat in the waiting room I couldn’t help but anxiously fiddle with the corner of my maternity notes whilst my partner reassured me that everything was fine. He showed no hints of any nerves as he took my constant vomiting as a sign that all was well.

The first thing we saw was our babys eye sockets, he/she was looking straight out which gave us all a good laugh. Watching our baby somersault and stretch was a moment i’ll always treasure. I could not help but laugh as the sonographer repeatedly had to remeasure our baby due to stretching over and over. Seeing it there on the screen made the pregnancy finally feel real to me, and all of a sudden the constant vomiting seems worth it.

We are finding out the gender on the 11th December so fingers crossed baby behaves this time. I’d love to hear you thoughts on what we’re having, team blue or team pink?




High Risk Pregnancy

Right from the start of my pregnancy I knew that I would be classed as High Risk. Before developing my movement disorder and seizures in 2012 I had commenced a degree in Midwifery and had just completed the first year when I became ill. During my community and labour ward placements I had met many women with varying health conditions who had consequently been classed as high risk patients. Whilst the term may sound a tad doom and gloom it didn’t really impact me. In fact, because it completely met my expectations I was able to focus more on how to explain to the professionals in charge of my maternity care my other health concerns.

Pregnancy wise I am completely healthy and normal, sure I started it overweight but my pregnancy has been progressing exactly as would be expected. I cannot express enough the joy I experience being told I’m normal. It’s not a phrase I’m used to being applied to me. Normally Drs stand around me with a confused look on their faces as I seem to fit into none of their tightly defined boxes, so I get bounced around from one specialist to the next, until someone has a lightbulb moment.


credit: Doctorsconcierge.org

After my booking in appointment I was refered to my local hospitals high risk specialist maternity unit. This appointment was a vital chance for me to talk through my care and the potential complications my health conditions could have on my pregnancy and labour. Primarily I was concerned with pain relief during labour. I am unable to have an epidural due to my movement disorder and the fact that I do not respond to local anesthetics. Whilst this fact is not a huge problem, it does cause me concern as my seizure are pain triggered, so managing my pain levels will play a key part in my labour. This conversation has set my mind at eased as a referral has been made for me to see the anesthetist around the 30-week mark to put a plan of action in place.

Whilst many women find being classed as High Risk daunting, and I can understand why, I have found reassurance in the quality of care I have received from the specialist teams. If anything it has reduced my pregnancy concerns dramatically.

6 Weeks and Bleeding

This last week has been an emotional rollercoaster. On Sunday evening I noticed spots of blood after going to the loo. I tried to think nothing of it. I’d done the obligatory google search and new that there was every chance it was simply breakthrough bleeding and not anything more sinister. Whilst the bleeding largely remained as spotting, now and then there were larger smears when wiping. No matter how much my partner tried to reassure me with facts and figures I couldn’t help but the let the panic well up inside me.

In the end I phoned 111 who arranged for us to have an early scan at the Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) on the Friday once I was six weeks. Those five days were hell. Whilst the bleeding was intermittent, it was still there and I found myself unable to relax and switch off the negative thoughts. Friday morning came and whilst my partner sat beside me reminding me that it was positive I was still experiencing constant sickness, I couldn’t pay attention, I simply counted down the minutes until the scan.

As I was only 6 weeks gestation the ultrasound had to be carried out internally. The sonographer was lovely and kept us calm and reassured throughout as she talked through each part of the producer. Seeing our little bean’s heartbeat on the screen was an emotional moment, I couldn’t quite believe it was still there. It’s a moment I’ll always treasure. The cause of the bleeding couldn’t been seen but at least this provided reassurance nothing sinister was going on.

I’d like to say this experience means I would panic less if this was to ever happen again, however I’m the type of person who panics very easily; I’m sure I’d be just as worked up if it was to happen again.20160923_091513_zpsoyzn9t86